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Introduction to Sucker Rod Elevator
Time:2023-06-07   View:417

The sucker rod elevator can meet the needs of various specifications of sucker rod operations in petroleum workover operations. The product is designed and manufactured according to api spec 8a<>. Product model: Sre30 brand: Yuyang origin: Product quotation: 0 main purpose: It can meet the improvement of various specifications of sucker rod operations in oil well repair operations. The sucker rod elevator is a tongue spring type elevator, mainly composed of parts such as a clamp body and a lifting handle. It is an important tool for suspending the sucker rod. The front and rear pressure tongues are installed in the clamp body, which can rotate around the circular pin. There is a torsion spring installed in the front tongue, and as long as both rear tongues are pressed tightly at the same time, the front tongue can easily rotate towards the clamp body. The sucker rod can freely enter the hole in the clamp body through the opening. At this time, the rear tongue is released, and the front tongue will return to its original position to bolt the sucker rod, it can prevent the sucker rod from coming out.

Purpose of sucker rod elevator: To safely and effectively lift 5/8 "(15.88mm) to 1" (25.40mm) pipe columns, and also to lift hollow pipes.

Advantages of sucker rod elevator: Even under heavy loads, it will not cause the pipe to bend or twist. The elevator body can be flipped.

Sucker rod elevator carrying capacity: Can withstand a heavy load of 50000 pounds (22680kg), suitable for longer pipes or strings.

Attention for sucker rod elevators: When ordering sucker rod elevators for hollow pipes or strings, please specify the specifications of the hollow pipes or strings.

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