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Introduction to Drill Pipe Elevator
Time:2023-06-02   View:425

Cd side opening drill pipe elevator is an important tool used by petroleum drilling and geological drilling departments to suspend drill pipes, casings, pumping rods, and oil pipes for drilling, gas wells, exploration wells, or well repair operations. The models include cd76, cd82, cd92, cd102, cd118, cd131, cd133, and cd148, which are meticulously manufactured with multiple patents and undergo strict strength testing and ultrasonic testing, resulting in excellent structural strength. Dongda drill pipe elevators have complete specifications, sturdy structure, wide range of applications, excellent material selection, and good structural strength. Dongda drill pipe elevator features: Made of high-quality alloy steel, it is lightweight, small in size, and has a large load, greatly reducing the user's work intensity; the drill pipe elevator mainly consists of the main body, valve, lock pin assembly, handle and other components. The product lock pin assembly has undergone technical transformation, which can facilitate user confirmation or door opening and closing, greatly reducing the occurrence of safety accidents; the main body and the easily worn surface of the valve have undergone special surface treatment, which increases wear resistance and greatly increases the service life of the elevator. The product meets the api spec 8c technical specification, and the cd series drill pipe elevator is an essential tool for suspending drill pipes in oil and gas drilling and production operations. According to the type of drill pipe joint it is suspended, it can be divided into right angle shoulder and taper shoulder. The taper shoulder elevator type is the cdz type, which is filled with z after cd. The product is designed and manufactured in accordance with api spec 8a "specification for drilling and production hoisting equipment".

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